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Ntinda Complex, Block A, Third Floor
Rwenzori MOUNTAINS National Park

Snow Capped Mountain Ranges, Unique Flora, Mountain Trekking

The 5100m Mount Rwenzori – or “Mountains of the Moon” is the snowy source of the Nile reffered to by early geographers. The trails to the snow peaks ascend glacier-carved valleys filled with colourful mosses and giant foorms of lobelias, heathers and groundsels.

Margherita (Speke & Baker peaks) (12 Days)

  • Day 1: Arrival and transfer to hotel for overnight. O/N Serena Lake Victoria Hotel/Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel/Central Inn HB Basis.
  • Day 2: Transfer to kasese via fort portal. O/N Rwenzori International Hotel/Tembo safari Lodge.
  • Day 3: Nyakalengija (1615m) Nyabitaba Hut (2651m) 5 Hrs.
  • Day 4: Nyabitaba (2651m) – Mubuku River (2600m) John Matte Hut (3380m) 6-7 Hrs.
  • Day 5: John Matte Hut (3380m) – Bujuku (3962m) 5 Hrs.
  • Day 6: Bujuku (3962m) – Speke Peak (4889m) and back for O/N 7-8 Hrs.
  • Day 7: Bujuku (3962m) – Elena Hut (4541m) 4-5Hrs.
  • Day 8: Elena Hut (4541m) – Margherita peak (5109m) – Kitandara hut (4027m) 3Hrs.
  • Day 9: Kitandara hut (4027m) – Baker peak (4843m) – Guy Yeoman Hut (3450M) 8-9Hrs.
  • Day 10: Guy Yeoman Hut (3450m) –Nyabitaba (2651m) 5-6 Hrs.
  • Day 11: Nyabitaba (2651m) – Nyakalengija (1615m) 4-5Hrs. Transfer to Kampala via Fort portal. O/N Serena Lake Victoria Hotel/Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel/Central Inn HB Basis.
  • Day 12: After Breakfast, transfer to airport and all we say is safe journey back home.
    End of tour.

Tropical Rainforest, Alpine Meadows and Snow

The range supports its own species and varieties of giant Lobelia. The Albertine Rift-Valley hosts six endemic small mammals which include the Rwenzori Otter Shrew and Rwenzori Red Duiker. The Mountain supports 19 endemic bird species including the Rwenzori Turaco, and the Blue-headed Sunbird. Endemic reptiles include the Great Lakes Bush Viper and the Strange Horned Chameleon. 212 bird species and 77 mammal species have been recorded in the Rwenzoris.

Mountain Climbing (Up to 7 days), Spectacular Sceneries and unique plant life

Unlike other national parks in Uganda that offer excellent game viewing opportunities, Rwenzori is better known for its spectacular Sceneries and Unique plant life. Mountain climbing is a major activity with trekking along the Rwenzori Central Trail circuit taking up to 7 days. Most notably are the permanent Snow Capped Peaks – Margherita (Speke & Baker Peaks) the highest and Stanley Peak the largest, among 3 other peaks.